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4 Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

for Modern Moms

On the modern mommyhood journey, the childcare path will be travelled. Whether you already have kids, are pregnant or thinking about having kids in the near future, all moms (and soon-to-be!) will, at some point, evaluate their childcare options. 

No one can do it all, and the idea of “perfect mom” is a myth. Balancing work and family life is difficult, and all parents deserve support and help. A professional, in-home childcare specialist can bring a wealth of benefits to you, your family and, most importantly, your child.

“Asking for help does not mean that we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.” – Anne Wilson Schaef, author.

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This is our top reason why hiring a nanny is a great childcare option for many families. Your child’s needs exceed beyond physical care. Your child deserves emotional, developmental & academic support and growth. Your nanny’s attention is solely focused on your child, and s/he can create a daily schedule and learning activities based upon your child’s needs, personality and interests. If you have a specific child-rearing philosophy, your chosen nanny can reflect and support this.

Your nanny will nurture your child and his/her unique quirks and interests. Your nanny will create a loving, secure bond with your child and research says that responsive care & secured attachment is important for healthy development. 

In a group childcare setting, there’s varying needs, behaviors and a group dynamic that can deter from your child's individualized attention & needs. For some children, a group environment may be too stimulating, overwhelming & a sensory overload.

A nanny will accommodate your family’s unique needs and be flexible to your childcare goals and desires. Your childcare specialist will accommodate your busy life and will work around your schedule: You develop your nanny’s work schedule (which should be reflected within your mutually agreed upon contract upon hire) And if you need some “me” time or “wiggle room,” build it into your nanny's work schedule from the get-go.

And, if you’re running late, there’s never a need to panic. A nanny, especially live-in, provides built-in flexibility. (Make sure you provide appropriate compensation for any additional time worked). S/he’ll also take care of your sick child, and you’ll never again need to take-off from work to care for your ill little love.

Your child is being cared for in the comfort of your home. Your child will stay in a familiar, calm, safe environment and won't have to adjust to a new setting. And you won't waste time driving your child to and from grammie’s house. And don’t we ALL need more time in our day?

Your nanny can cook and feed your children nutritious meals, bathe and dress them. You’ll have more time to make meaningful, magical moments with your children because engaged time is more important than the amount of time spent with your children.

Your nanny is your family team-partner & part of your support system. S/he'll make your life calmer & easier. A great nanny is there for your child and will help you manage your work-family balance. If you need additional household support (like light housekeeping), negotiate it with your nanny upon hire.

She’ll manage your children’s schedules, play areas, and can complete any child-related duties, so your free time is focused on meaningful family moments.

S/he’ll provide valuable, professional insight into your child’s development and milestones; and can provide consistent care for your child throughout the years!

"Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek, poet, peace advocate & motivational speaker

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